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Getting to know Sunrise FM


Sunrise FM is a fully licensed radio station operating on the frequency of 103.2FM – 103.3FM.  We are positioned centrally within the iconic Chatsworth Centre.

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Getting to know Sunrise FM

Characterising ourselves as ‘the heartbeat of Chatsworth’, we aim to contribute positively to the ‘life-force’ of Chatsworth. Our name; akin to a sunrise, signifies strength, hope and vigour.  Our vision is to excel as a flagship radio station within Chatsworth. We aspire to progressively expand the popularity of the radio station with our talented presenters, hit music and exciting programme.

LISTEN TO sunrise FM ON 103.3/103.2

Sunrise FM is a contemporary radio station and can be described as family-orientated, informative, inspirational, entertaining and trendy.
Sunrise FM - Big on Music, small on talk.

March 23, 2021

From April 2021, the platform will officially be launched, broadcasting live from the Chatsworth Centre daily to ensure an efficient reach, accessibility and impact.

May 9 2021

Sunrise FM’s managing director is excited about the talented and professional presenters, who will form part of the station’s thrilling line-up for Sunrise FM

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Listen to Sunrise FM On 103.3/103.2

You’re in good hands – Our station manager and his sterling team are committed to ensuring that the best content is delivered with professionalism, poise and skill.


Sunrise FM

We also believe in the importance of facilitating business development in our coverage area by affording lucrative advertising opportunities to our valuable clients.
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